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project of the week: r/c fig #1


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project of the week: r/c fig #1


Today, we began the first in a series of projects of the week. Each week we will feature something we are currently building creating at the makerspace. The complexity will vary week to week, but to begin we are tackling something big (or is it small?), as we attempt to build a life-size, remote controlled (r/c) LEGO minifigure!



While we certainly aren’t the first to pursue the idea of building a large LEGO minifigure, we will be putting our own “spin” on things and hope you will check in weekly to see the progress.

Inspiration for this project comes from a couple sources such as Adafruit’s Webcam Cover-up and XRobot’s Giant LEGO Skateboarder.

r/c fig: the process

  1. Research LEGO minifigures

  2. Design a 3D minifigure model

  3. Print relevant minifigure parts

  4. Assemble minifigure

  5. Add remote control (r/c) hardware components

  6. Program micro-controller

The process began this week with steps #1 and #2. We referenced a couple different minifigure models on Thingiverse and reviewed the dimensions of a standard minifigure. Then we built a model, using Adobe Fusion 360, and 3D printed one of the hands to verify the relative life-size’ness of our minifigure.

techahoy_legobot v1.png

We are excited to share this project with you and hope you will join us next week to see our 3D printers in action, as we continue to print life-size LEGO minifigure parts.

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