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project of the week: r/c fig #2


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project of the week: r/c fig #2

Ian Smith

This week we continued building our r/c minifigure (affectionately named legü) by scaling out the head and printing the second hand. Scaling legü’s head required a quick reference of BrickLink’s minifig dimensions and watching a YouTube video by HBPankoke, to learn how to add the 2mm radius to the top and bottom faces.

This week we also experimented with timelapse footage per OctoPrint’s Octolapse plugin and 0.6mm print nozzles in place of the default 0.4mm nozzle. The timelapse footage didn’t work out at all, despite two attempts. Half-way through the first attempt the print job was accidentally cancelled and then during the second attempt the lighting was askew and made for some head-ache inducing glare! Live and learn… Next week we’ll experiment with a lightbar or perhaps an enclosure with a more directed light source.

Looks great! To bad this print job was cancelled…

Looks great! To bad this print job was cancelled…

Huzzah! Second time’s the charm.

Huzzah! Second time’s the charm.

The 0.6mm print nozzle made a huge difference reducing the overall print time by almost two and a half hours! Notice the estimated printing time below:

Tune-in next week to check on our progress, as we continue to build our life-size LEGO minifigure and try again to create a timelapse video of the print!

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