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projects for days!

Ian Smith

Since our last update we’ve been working on a variety of projects. We made further progress on legü, our life-size remote control LEGO minifigure. We unboxed and setup all sorts of goodies including: two Prusa i3 MK3S kits, a Ubiquiti UniFi edge switch and access point (to better serve free wifi), a big box of tools from Adafruit, and some organizational supplies. And we printed a bunch of random supplies because we #printallthethings!

Our big order from Adafruit included a batch of Raspberry Pi 3s, including the new Raspberry Pi keyboard, along with several soldering irons, helping hands, and general small electronic tools. The MK3S kits brings the total number of 3D printers in our farm up to five (three MK3 printers and two MK3S printers)! We have multiple nozzle sizes to choose from and the Prusa MMU (multi-material upgrade) is on order and expected to arrive later this summer.

Both the MK3 and the MK3S have a print volume of 250mm x 210mm x 200mm which means we need to employ some creative techniques when printing our lifesize LEGO minifigure, legü. For example, legü’s head is over 210mm tall which means we need to split it up into sections, print each piece, and then somehow reattach the sections. We decided to use magnets as it offers some future flexibility should we want to swap out parts, to give legü different looks and style. Earlier this week, we printed out the top of his head and the middle section which contains the eyes and mouth sockets. That section alone took 20 hours to print!

We also spent a few moments to design our own bathroom signs. Our printers are configured with a single extruder, but we were able to obtain the multi-color look by changing the filament at various layer changes throughout the print job. The figure/letters are taller than the blue background, so we changed from blue to grey filament when the printer was done filling in the background. And the eyes are taller than the figure, so we changed from grey to purple/green when the printer was done filling in the figures/letters. They attached to the bathroom doors with double-sided tape. Easy!

And we may have spent a little too much time perfecting this small Allen wrench holder for our pegboards. We found a great set of models for our IKEA SKADIS pegboard on Thingiverse and used of the universal hooks to create our own Allen key tray for the keys that came with each MK3/S kit.

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