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Rubber Ducky you're the one

Ian Smith

As we mentioned on Instagram, we have entered the 2019 Red Hook Regatta. We are sailing under the mighty RHS-TechAhoy and over the past week we have been brainstorming on boat ideas. Originally, we were considering a flat top boat with a rather straight hull, but then inspiration struck and we decided to model our boat after a rubber ducky pedal boat!

Rubber Ducky you’re the one - You make 3D printing lots of fun

Rubber Ducky you’re the one - You make 3D printing lots of fun

Although this is our first time designing and 3D printing a boat we think the overall process should be straight forward. Our design will consist of three different components:

  1. the head and neck

  2. wings (largely decorative although they may help secure the cargo)

  3. the hull (catamaran style)

IMG_2237 2.jpeg

The size limit for the 3D-Printed Boat Race requires our boat to fit in a 2’ x 2’x 2’ box (or 609.6mm x 609.6mm x 609.6mm) which is fairly large considering our Prusa i3 MK3/S printers have 210mm x 210mm print beds. To print a hull that large we’ll need to split our print into three different sections.

Looking closely at the bottom of Ducky we can see two parallel hulls making it a catamaran. This double hulled design offers increased stability which may serve us well during the competition because the harbor at Valentino Pier can be a bit choppy. Typically, one trades stability for speed and while speed is important it isn’t, strictly speaking, the name of the game. The competition is won by the team with the most points achieving points by successfully ferrying foam containers from the shore to the pier where an awaiting teammate will attempt to extract the foam container from their boat using a large magnetic fishing pole. So, while a team must quickly transport cargo it must also keep the cargo secure. We are banking on secure cargo being more important than speed - we’ll see how this pans out.

Teams will compete to transport “cargo” (foam containers with metal plates) from “Stevedores” on the beach to designated “crane operators”, who will be receiving the cargo on the pier using fishing rods equipped with red magnetic hooks. Each cargo container picked up by a crane constitutes one point for that boat’s team, and the boat with the most points is the winner.

We did some intense Googlin’ and while it seems single engine catamarans aren’t a particularly good idea most of the online commentary suggests single engine catamarans should work for low-speed craft . Our Ducky won’t be breaking any speed records so this design should be ok. And reviewing Google images we found a few photos showing the underside of pedal boats which, as seen below, do have a single “engine”.

The folks at Pioneer Works really hooked us up when it came to the electronics kit which includes:

  • 4 Channel Receiver/transmitter pair

  • Motor and propeller

  • 7.4V 3300mAh Battery

  • Speed Controller

  • Steering Servo

  • Deck plate for access to electronics

  • Rubber Tubing

All of this was provided by Pioneer Works, once we registered for the race. Wow!

All of this was provided by Pioneer Works, once we registered for the race. Wow!

We ordered translucent yellow and orange PET filament from MatterHackers and it should arrive this week. Once the filament arrives we should have everything we need to put our little boat in the water! And the competition is only 20 days away so we need to get crackin’!

We will be working on the boat throughout the week and specifically focused on its build from 6:30PM - 8PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays (see the calendar) each week until the competition on Saturday, August 24th. This is a community build which means if you are in the area and want to contribute, check on our progress, or just say hello then we encourage you to stop by!

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