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TechAhoy is located on the corner of Woodward Av and Putnam Av.

TechAhoy Inc.
801 Woodward Ave.
Ridgewood, NY 11385

P: 917-994-2441

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801 Woodward Ave
Ridgewood, NY 11385
United States

(917) 994-2441

A Friendly, Neighborhood Makerspace





Introduction to 3D Printing & Design

Intro to 3D Printing & Design

What’s a 3D printer? How does it work? What can I make? How do you design a 3D model? These and other questions are tackled head-on!


Introduction to Programming

Intro to Programming

This is our beginner’s beginner class. No question is too basic, and any question can be asked a million times. The only requirement for this class is a desire to learn. All our welcome!


Introduction to Robotics

Intro to Robotics

Building on our Intro to Programming class, we shift gears and create a robot using CircuitPython and a microcontroller!

(Please note a familiarity with programming is required. Our Intro to Programming classes is a great place to start before taking this class.)